Patient 50 years old with penile-bulbar urethral stricture (15 cm), due to lichen sclerosus. He complained about obstructive symptoms and frequent urinary infections.

Materials and methods
The video shows the technique to perform a correct perineal urethrostomy.
Surgical technique: U inverted perineal incision.Isolation of the bulbar urethra and performance of an 8 cm long opening of the urethra.
We take a sample of urethra for histological examination.
Perineal urethrostomy by means of the Blandy technique.

From the hystological examination it became evident that the urethra had Lichen Sclerosus.
After the operation the patient had a good urinary flow and did not have further urinary infections.

In the case of a panurethral disease due to Lichen Sclerosus with a 15 cm long urethral stricture, a history of frequent urinary infections and obstructive voiding, perineal urethrostomy represents a good and simple solution. Sometimes the patient doesn't like this option , but it is absolutely necessary to resolve the stricture and the suffering of the upper urinary tract effectively.
Caution! Surgical images