Scientific articles 2011

Publication Title Volume
BJU Penile cosmetic preservation in the management of the invasive penile cancer
Enzo Palminteri
105 2009:13644
Arab Journal of Urology (2011) Classification of pelvic fracture urethral injuries Is there an effect on the type of delayed urethroplasty?
Enzo Palminteri
9, 191195
Arab Journal of Urology (2011) Simplification of classification and surgical expertise in the delayed treatment of traumatic posterior urethral injuries
Enzo Palminteri
9, 197198
Arab Journal of Urology (2011) Aesthetic Neo-Glans reconstruction following penis-sparing surgery for benign, premalignant or malignant penile lesions
Enzo Palminteri, Elisa Berdondini et al.
9, 115120
THE JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, May 2011 Two-Sided Bulbar Urethroplasty Using Dorsal Plus Ventral Oral Graft: Urinary and Sexual Outcomes of a New Technique
Enzo Palminteri, Elisa Berdondini, et Al.
Vol. 185, 1766-1771